1. Prices

1.1 All prices have to include HST if being delivered through Canada. Confirm for details).

1.2 USA Clients have no taxes added under NAFTA
1.3 All prices are subject to change without notice.
1.4 Our quote is valid for 30 days and you need to ask for re-quote after that.

2. Payment

2.1 Full Payment is required prior to production or delivery, unless otherwise agreed in writing which would need your Credit Application Processed by us.

3. Material / Stock & Printing

3.1 Material are subject to change by Rich Print Solutions without notice, as per the availability , an alternative production material can be used or supplied.
3.2 Rich Print Solutions  use offset printing inks to print your order, we do our best to colour match with design supplied based on colour %age usage. Colours and ink behavior after printing cannot be guaranteed and is not taken into our liability we use best available raw material and are not accountable for raw material behavior. In case of any doubts please order small run for testing before going to large print runs.

4. Artwork Preparation and Ordering

4.1 All artwork provided must meet our file specifications. We will not be liable for any errors which
occur in the electronic transfer of artwork, hence you must approve JPEG artwork before continuing.
4.2 You must carefully review and approve all proofs or layouts before submitting to ensure it is ready for production. We do not accept any responsibility for error after proofs are confirmed.
4.3 Hard copies supplied by the clientele can not be used for colour reference or matching.
4.4 Digital proofing is based on computer version of artwork. The colours accuracy after conversion to CMYK or PMS codes is near to accurate. However some colour shift or shade changes may occur due to lamination addition or due to any special effects chosen.
4.5 We have technically advanced colour matching system to ensure best possible colour matching. But we can not guarantee an exact colour match between your artwork and printout, Due to how colour look different on electronic graphic file and on actual print. Or how it may look different on type of material or texture chosen. We do have quality control system that can ensure production of acceptable variation level of (+/-5% )from print to print, from material to material, from front & back and during the process.
4.6 Final cutting may vary from up to 1~3 mm from the proof, artwork or between printouts.
4.7 All the efforts are made to ensure right quantity is printed, normally all orders are delivered in excess quantity. In case of any variation in quantity, we can reprint the shortage or refund the money for the missing quantity.
4.8 Your artwork is checked for related errors which may reduce quality of your file or placement, You must acknowledge the correct proof approval. Rich Print Solutions accepts no responsibility for files that are not ‘print ready’.
4.9 File correction / conversion is free of cost but is subject to time delay which is incurred in file correction.

5. Returns and Refunds

5.1 Client must inform us about any cancellation / change of mind / change of order item or order changes request before proof approval in order to arrange full or partial refund of deposit
5.2 Printing
A) 25% cancellation fee applies to all orders once we begin to process the order.
( Rich Print Solutions provides Art Work Proof in PDF for review / After artwork is approved by email & payment
made, pre-process done, however the order has not begun printing yet)
B) 100 % cancellation fee applies to all orders once we proceed to print. (After order is sent to production and printing is in process)
5.3 We will not be liable for any defects, shortages, damage or non-compliance with the specifications in the Agreement, unless You notify Us in writing within 2 days of delivery of
the goods or provision of the services.
5.4 When any defects, shortages, claim for damage or non-compliance with the Agreement
specifications is accepted We may, at our discretion, replace the defective or missing goods
or re-provide services.
5.5 We will not accept returned goods that have been altered in any way or that have been used.

5.6 100 % of Product must be returned to advance any claim.

5.7 We cannot accept any third party reports as evidence of your claim
5.8 Samples printing cannot be claimed for quality as these are made with minimal machine use

6. Copyright Issues
6.1 Rich Print Solutions may use your artwork in its own promotional material as samples of our services
and products. If you have any objection to this, please email us in advance, and your artwork won’t be used for samples, etc.

7. Shipping / Delivery

7.1 Rich Print Solutions will ship your product same day; the production is completed. We use registered courier services (Canpar, FedEx, UPS and Trusted Local Trucking Companies for delivery, We do not offer delivery to PO Box addresses because of complexity and limitation involved in postage options. It is acknowledged that third party shipping or delivery delays are not counted as our liability.

7.2 Loss or Damaged of any kind during transit is not our responsibility. We do our best to ensure final packing is super secure but cannot guarantee to handle by third-party companies.

7.3 For any type of losses we contact courier company and go by the outcome they provide

7.4 A missed delivery due to any reason may cause a delay in package arrival, which is not at all our responsibility

7.5 Our Most standard ETA is 6 – 9 Business Days, and any shipping information or tracking details are generally supplied after that time range.

8. Important Notice

8.1 If you do not have any experience with printing, and are not sure of material and finishes, you can contact us anytime for help, and our professional staff will guide you through the process. Rich print Solutions will take NO responsibility if the product is ordered without any inquiry and then it does not match your requirements.